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Mrs.Davi-Gaye Julal-Henry
Technical Services Manager

Davi-Gaye Julal-Henry is the Technical Services Manager at Quality Systems Solutions and Initiatives (QSSI). She started working at QSSI right after leaving the University of the West Indies where is worked as a Technical Services Officer until she was promoted to Manager. She conducts audits, trainings and implementation on behalf of QSSI. She has assisted companies in various industries such as, coffee processing, dairy manufacturing, distribution, bakery, meat processing, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, food flavours manufacturing, telecommunication installation as well as government agencies in Jamaica and Belize. She has been trained in the following areas: ISO 9001 Lead Auditor, Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action, HACCP Awareness, Internal Auditing, FSPCA Preventive Control for Human Foods, VACCP and SQF Awareness.

She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Chemistry (Hons.) and is pursuing her master’s degree in Business Administration.