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Our History

Our Story

The Beginning

In 2012 Sheryl Anderson, with great exuberance took the bold step to launch out and start her own company. Leaving a secure salary, she went all in to pursue her dream and vision. Though it may have been hard she stuck to her ten (10) year plan. Within the walls of her guest bedroom she constructed the master piece called Quality Systems Solutions and Initiatives. Like any new business there were challenges and lifelong learning experiences. This however, did not deter her as she kept her mind and eyes on the vision. Rising above the challenges, armed with determination and resilience, brick by brick she tore down the walls of fear, limitations and doubts, as she soar to new heights. 

Regional Expansion

QSSI has left a remarkable stamp in the region. Stamping its regional foot prints from Belize, Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada and Saint Kitts.

The QSSI team of competent, diligent and enthusiastic individuals who are committed to the spirit of standard and quality has continued to sky rocket to the next level, having achieved 4 awards: JMEA Small Exporter for services, the Bureau of Standards Jamaica National Quality award for excellence in SME’s and top performer Scotia Vision Achiever programme and 2015 JMEA’s Best Support Service.


Our Awards and Achievements

2019 The JMEA Awards

2019 The JMEA Awards

Best Support Service and Top Exporter In Service Nominee

2018 JMEA Awards

2018 JMEA Awards

JAMPRO Award For Small Champion Exporter in Services

2016  JMEA Award

2016 JMEA Award

Best Support Service

2018 The National Quality Awards

2018 The National Quality Awards

 2017 -2018 for Excellence in Small and Medium-sized Enterprise.

2018  Vision Achiever Programme

2018 Vision Achiever Programme

Top Performer Award

We Work Hard To Improve Our Services

Constantly Improving