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Ms. Tayesha Pearson
Sales and Marketing Officer

Tayesha Pearson is the Sales and Marketing Officer at Quality Systems Solutions & Initiatives. She is tenacious, ambitious and demonstrates an exemplary attitude and mastery in customer service. One of her philosophy is,” All things are possible with God”.

Tayesha has fifteen (15) years’ experience in Sales and Marketing, where she specializes in using the required proficiency in niche marketing across multiple business functions. Her portfolio has expanded even further to include sustainable growth, highly personalized customer experiences, and advanced marketing innovation. Resulted in QSSI gaining the highest in annual revenue for the year 2019 compared to the last seven (7) years. Tayesha quickly reacts to the changing market conditions and competitive dynamics standing with the QSSI TEAM to support organization improving operational efficiency and international market access for Caribbean businesses through systems development and learning.

Tayesha has qualifications in Introduction to ISO 9001, Risk Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Management Systems Auditing, Customer Service, Culinary Arts, Sales and Coaching.