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Root Cause Analysis- The Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Do you have a problem that keeps rearing its ugly head? That can be annoying and we know what this is like. In this post of the QSSI blog, we want to talk about Root Cause Analysis(RCA). RCA is important because we often focus on fixing the symptoms of a problem instead of finding the root causes.

How do you know if you should apply RCA to your problem? You should do so if:

  1. You have a situation that occurs repeatedly;
  2. All your attempts to fix the outcomes of this situation have not been successful.
  3. The cost impact of the problem is significant
  4. There is a regulatory issue

Consider the following :

In your production facility, your equipment keeps breaking down or in your restaurant, customer orders are always late. This has reduced your productivity and increased customer defection rates and complaints. This means you need to do a RCA.

RCA can be helpful in many industries from Manufacturing to Hospitality to Banking to Government Services. Here are some examples:

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RCA can help healthcare organisations like hospitals to uncover the root of failures in their systems that result in patient illness or death.


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It can help a hotel to uncover the reason behind the persistent guest complaints.

RCA is critical for organisations that are focused on growth. Often, there may be issues that are repeatedly occurring and are expensive to keep fixing. It is more cost-affordable to address the root of the problem.


Does this sound like a lot to deal with? It doesn’t have to be. RCA is a process that may take an hour, to a few months. You will need a team in place to conduct it and this team is often led by someone who can guide the process and make sure each team member is accountable.

Do you have a problem that keeps rearing its ugly head? QSSI can conduct RCA training with your team so that they can be your problem-solving dream team! Want to find out more? Contact us today.